Tell Tale Signs of Cocaine Use

There are, what I like to call, the tell tale signs of cocaine use. These are the symptoms of cocaine abuse that are present in nearly every case of serious abuse. This makes it pretty easy if you are trying to figure out if a friend or loved one is using cocaine or crack cocaine. You would also be surprised how often these signs appear in people using cocaine. They are like symptoms of the diease and just like a person who gets the flu usually has symptoms, well a person who is using cocaine also has symptoms of their disease.

Let’s look at some of these signs of cocaine use that are often displayed by the addict. The first sign is lack of money. You would be surprised, no shocked, at how expensive cocaine can be if you are addicted to it. An addict can spend a few hundred dollars in a single night easily. So, if a person is using cocaine a lot then they will begin to run short of money. Signs of this include having to borrow money from friends and family for food or gas. Coming up short for rent, bills, etc and also getting caught stealing money from friends and family.

cocaine use signs

Another symptom cocaine abuse is weight loss. Crack addicts as well as powder cocaine addicts have trouble keeping a healthy weight. This is because cocaine is a stimulant that suppresses appetite. When a person is using cocaine they can go more than a day without getting hungry. Naturally this causes the cocaine addict to lose weight.

Finally, a person who is using cocaine will often lie and not come home when they said they would. Because cocaine is a stimulant, cocaine users sleep funny hours and stay up all hours of the night. A person might be expected home at 10 pm and not come home until 4 am. This is a common sign of cocaine use.

The thing that I want to point out is that if you think that your loved one is using cocaine then they probably are. You are suspicious because you are noticing some of the cocaine signs that I am talking about. And where there is smoke there is always fire. The good news is that there is hope for cocaine addicts. Drug treatment has gotten a lot more advanced in recent years and many cocaine addicts make a full recovery to lead normal, healthy lives. You may be surprised at the number of famous people and celebrities who had a problem with cocaine and got help and are now living the dream life.

The first thing that you need to do is to begin to find the information on how best to get your loved one the help that they need. The sooner that you take steps to address the problem there is less chance of the problem getting more and more out of control. So, I would say that one of the best things that the family of the addict can do is to be supportive and help the cocaine user get the help that they need to become whole again. There is hope!

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Signs of a Person Using Coke

The signs of a person using coke are remarkably similar among all cocaine addicts. The fact of the matter is that the disease of addiction is a disease just like any other illness and because of this it has regular symptoms that are seen in nearly all cases. In this article I’d like to touch on some of the signs of cocaine use that you might see in a person who is using.

I’d like to make a couple of comments real quickly. You see, if the person suspected of using cocaine is trying to get sober for the very first time you might see more of these characteristics than you will from a person who has been struggling with cocaine addiction for a long time. The reason for this is that experienced addicts will try to better cover their tracks because they know that you know many of the signs of the addiction because when a person goes through drug rehab the whole family gets counseling.

If, one the other hand, your loved one has neve used drugs before then they are probably doing a lot of the tell tale signs of cocaine that will be pretty easy to spot. The first common indicator of cocaine abuse is loss of weight that is unexplainable. Because cocaine is a stimulant and appetite suppressant, people who use cocaine do not get hungry when they are using the drug. It is possible to go for a very long time, sometimes days without eating very much food at all. So, cocaine addicts lose a lot of weight when their addiction starts to get serious. Sometimes a cocaine addict will lose forty or fifty pounds in a few months.

Another common sign of cocaine use is leaving cocaine items around in areas they have been. If you find a rolled up dollar bill or a cut straw then you may have a cocaine user on your hands. Many of the items that people use to use cocaine are common household items that have been altered in some way. So, for instance, a plastic straw might be cut into half or a third by a coke user.

The fact that I always try to talk about is that even if a person is using cocaine then all hope is not lost. Cocaine addicts do get better with treatment. That’s why there are so many drug rehabs today and other services for addicted people. Just because a person has had trouble with drugs does not mean that they are a bad person. No they are actually a sick person who needs help to get well again rather than to be told how bad they are. Just remember that because many times people do get better and become productive, healthy people again.

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How to Tell if A Person is Using Cocaine

Let’s take a minute and look at how to tell if a person is using cocaine. The fact of the matter is that there are several tell tale signs of cocaine use that you will want to be aware of. One thing that I want to say is that if you think that a loved one is using cocaine or crack cocaine, especially if they have a had a problem with drugs in the past, then they probably are using. So brace yourself.

The fact of the matter is that there are definite signs of cocaine use and if you are a loved one of a person and you are suspecting that means that you are starting to notice these signs. Naturally, it can be upsetting when you realize that someone you love is using cocaine, however the good news is that there are many cocaine addiction treatments that are pretty effective. So never lose hope because millions of cocaine addicts get clean and sober everyday in this country and there are treatment programs which are designed to help them achieve it.

So, let’s look at some of the signs that a person is using coke. The first thing, and I always tell people this, is pay attention to their money. Cocaine is very, very expensive. If a cocaine or crack addict really gets going they will be able to spend several hundred dollars a day or more. Obviously this will start to add up over time, especially because cocaine abuse makes it a lot harder to work a lot at a job. So, the cocaine addicts begins to run out of money. They will find that they are always short on the rent or that they are getting their lights turned off. These are common signs of abuse.

Another thing to look out for is if the person is using a lot of cocaine paraphenelia. When a person uses cocaine there are many tools that they will have to have to use it properly. These tools can be things such as baking soda, cut up straws, rolled up dollar bills, razors, mirrors and aluminum foil. If you find these items they are a good sign that your loved one is using cocaine.

Like I said before, the good news is that there are many tools that a person can use to stop using cocaine and start to be productive and healthy again. Many of these tools are free or are available from the government in the form of drug rehab services. There is no reason that a person who you love who is using cocaine should not get help because people do recover.

I know from experience that the road back from cocaine addiction can be a tough road. But if the person who is using cocaine has a supportive network of friends and family and other loved ones to help them overcome addiction then they can truly accomplish miracles.

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Signs of Crack Addiction

There are numerous signs of crack addiction that a person should be aware of. The fact of the matter is that people using crack cocaine do show a pattern of behavior that can be very similar among different people. The reason for this is that people who use cocaine (crack is smokable cocaine) can only go for so long before the symptoms of the addiction start to appear.

Signs of crack use include psychological and phsyical effects that a person should be aware of. The first thing that crack users have in common is that they are perpetually short of cash. Crack is a very expensive habit. Like all cocaine, for a person to truly become addicted they are going to end up spending a lot of money on their habit. Crack addicts therefore are always spending money that they need for basic items on their cocaine.

Because shortness of money is such a common sign of crack addiction you have to be prepared to check over your shoulder. Crack addicts are theives. Now, I do not say that to be insulting but only to make a point. The fact of the matter is that the high from crack cocaine is so powerful that most people will do anything to get more crack. Therefore, it is not an uncommon sign of addiction for the user to steal from his loved ones to support his habit.

Another characteristic of cocaine addicts is that they are always out later than they are expected. If you suspect someone of using cocaine, you should pay particular attention to when they say they will be home and when they actually get home. Because crack cocaine is a stimulant, it causes time to pass very rapidly. The cocaine addict will typically end up being out much later than they have any reason to be. So, if your loved one is coming home after midnight often that is a sign of crack use.

Crack addicts also are always losing weight. Cocaine suppresses the appetite so there is no such thing as a fat crack cocaine addict. People who have become addicted to crack can lose forty or fifty pounds in a couple of months. This is a definite sign of cocaine abuse when a person is rapidly losing weight without exercising a lot.

So, those are some symptoms of crack addiction that you will want to be aware of if you suspect your loved one of using drugs.

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