Tell Tale Signs of Cocaine Use

There are, what I like to call, the tell tale signs of cocaine use. These are the symptoms of cocaine abuse that are present in nearly every case of serious abuse. This makes it pretty easy if you are trying to figure out if a friend or loved one is using cocaine or crack cocaine. You would also be surprised how often these signs appear in people using cocaine. They are like symptoms of the diease and just like a person who gets the flu usually has symptoms, well a person who is using cocaine also has symptoms of their disease.

Let’s look at some of these signs of cocaine use that are often displayed by the addict. The first sign is lack of money. You would be surprised, no shocked, at how expensive cocaine can be if you are addicted to it. An addict can spend a few hundred dollars in a single night easily. So, if a person is using cocaine a lot then they will begin to run short of money. Signs of this include having to borrow money from friends and family for food or gas. Coming up short for rent, bills, etc and also getting caught stealing money from friends and family.

cocaine use signs

Another symptom cocaine abuse is weight loss. Crack addicts as well as powder cocaine addicts have trouble keeping a healthy weight. This is because cocaine is a stimulant that suppresses appetite. When a person is using cocaine they can go more than a day without getting hungry. Naturally this causes the cocaine addict to lose weight.

Finally, a person who is using cocaine will often lie and not come home when they said they would. Because cocaine is a stimulant, cocaine users sleep funny hours and stay up all hours of the night. A person might be expected home at 10 pm and not come home until 4 am. This is a common sign of cocaine use.

The thing that I want to point out is that if you think that your loved one is using cocaine then they probably are. You are suspicious because you are noticing some of the cocaine signs that I am talking about. And where there is smoke there is always fire. The good news is that there is hope for cocaine addicts. Drug treatment has gotten a lot more advanced in recent years and many cocaine addicts make a full recovery to lead normal, healthy lives. You may be surprised at the number of famous people and celebrities who had a problem with cocaine and got help and are now living the dream life.

The first thing that you need to do is to begin to find the information on how best to get your loved one the help that they need. The sooner that you take steps to address the problem there is less chance of the problem getting more and more out of control. So, I would say that one of the best things that the family of the addict can do is to be supportive and help the cocaine user get the help that they need to become whole again. There is hope!

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