How to Tell if A Person is Using Cocaine

Let’s take a minute and look at how to tell if a person is using cocaine. The fact of the matter is that there are several tell tale signs of cocaine use that you will want to be aware of. One thing that I want to say is that if you think that a loved one is using cocaine or crack cocaine, especially if they have a had a problem with drugs in the past, then they probably are using. So brace yourself.

The fact of the matter is that there are definite signs of cocaine use and if you are a loved one of a person and you are suspecting that means that you are starting to notice these signs. Naturally, it can be upsetting when you realize that someone you love is using cocaine, however the good news is that there are many cocaine addiction treatments that are pretty effective. So never lose hope because millions of cocaine addicts get clean and sober everyday in this country and there are treatment programs which are designed to help them achieve it.

So, let’s look at some of the signs that a person is using coke. The first thing, and I always tell people this, is pay attention to their money. Cocaine is very, very expensive. If a cocaine or crack addict really gets going they will be able to spend several hundred dollars a day or more. Obviously this will start to add up over time, especially because cocaine abuse makes it a lot harder to work a lot at a job. So, the cocaine addicts begins to run out of money. They will find that they are always short on the rent or that they are getting their lights turned off. These are common signs of abuse.

Another thing to look out for is if the person is using a lot of cocaine paraphenelia. When a person uses cocaine there are many tools that they will have to have to use it properly. These tools can be things such as baking soda, cut up straws, rolled up dollar bills, razors, mirrors and aluminum foil. If you find these items they are a good sign that your loved one is using cocaine.

Like I said before, the good news is that there are many tools that a person can use to stop using cocaine and start to be productive and healthy again. Many of these tools are free or are available from the government in the form of drug rehab services. There is no reason that a person who you love who is using cocaine should not get help because people do recover.

I know from experience that the road back from cocaine addiction can be a tough road. But if the person who is using cocaine has a supportive network of friends and family and other loved ones to help them overcome addiction then they can truly accomplish miracles.

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